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Welcome to Fresh Air Fridays  
and many thanks for visiting my page! 
I have always walked to clear my head but I never seem to get away from myself! 
Walking with Fresh Air Fridays changed this for me and has taught me how to get out of my house and get out of my head. With guided walks I feel a sense of community and shows me how to walk mindfully, being aware of what’s going on around me. 
In my mind; 
I am someone who lives in her mind, Fresh air Friday stops my head from spinning and I am appreciating what’s going on in the here and now. In my relaxed state a new perspective on life comes to me………I have had some really good ideas when I stopped thinking 
This is what Mindful Walking, being present has done for me. 
When we are busy, we sometimes are too busy to function at our best. We need to take some time out: 
it’s a walk with the purpose of relaxing your body and mind 
showing you different ways of dealing with life through nature 
being in a group brings support and friendship with like-minded people 
Come and join me on Fresh Air Fridays for a relaxing walk around the Long Ashton area. 
Continue the rest of the day feeling re-energised and positive about life 
Come along and see for yourself… 
Join me as a guest on my next Fresh Air Friday, call 07814 035240 to book your Free Trial 
Joanne’s group launches on the 14th November 
Long Ashton – Bristol BS41 9EA 
14th November at 10am 
12th December at 10am 
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